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Abdul Ghafaar - Allegations of Abuse

pp. 1387-1392

Detainee: […] They were mean with me. They put me in a jail, they were harsh on me, they told me that you did it [murder the Red Cross member] and I’m not aware of it at all […] this is not correct if I'm in detention and these harsh times for these allegations (1387).

Detainee: When [three U.S. soldiers] arrested me the[y] put the cover on my eyes, then they tied up my hands and then they transferred me from place to place; finally I arrived here [Guantanamo] and I don’t know why I was arrested. If I was an enemy of combat or a person with strong fighting there should be evidence on me that I did that. Why am I being counted as an enemy of combat with no evidence?” (1388)

Detainee: Can I talk about the jail?

Tribunal President: If you think it pertains to your case to help us make the determination, Yes.

Detainee: I’m talking about my personal interrogations. It was harsh on me. For example some of the questions like you are related to Bin Laden or Mullah Omar, they were very harsh and bother me very bad […] Why it's harsh on me this much?” (1392)