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Abdenour Sameur - Allegations of Abuse

pp. 3527-3528

Recorder: Were you aware, had you been told by someone that something would happen regarding an attack on the United States prior to September 11th, 2001?

Detainee: I told them this in Kandahar during the interrogations because the interrogators were dogs. I was injured. I had an injury in my leg. I had metal sticking out of my leg and they would not clean the wound; they would not give me treatment. So I told them whatever they wanted to hear. They just wanted anything. Any information. I just told them anything; whatever they wanted to hear because I wanted them to treat my leg. I saw other people there whose legs hag to be cut off (amputated as a result of injuries.) I did not want my leg to be cut off.


Tribunal Member: How was your leg injured?

Detainee: After we escaped from the bus the Pakistanis shot me in the leg.