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FBI Testimony of Jumah al Dossari's IRFing?

(FBI048) 5/22/02. [REDACTED] stated he had been beaten unconscious approximately three or four weeks ago when we was still at Camp X-Ray. According to [REDACTED], an unknown number of guards entered his cell, unprovoked, and started spitting and cursing at him. The guards called him a “son of a bitch” and a “bastard” then told him he was crazy. | [REDACTED] rolled onto his stomach to protect himself [REDACTED] stated a soldier named [REDACTED] jumped on his back and started beating him in the face. [REDACTED] then choked him until he passed out. [REDACTED] stated that [REDACTED] was beating him because [REDACTED] is a Muslim, and [REDACTED] is Christian. [REDACTED] indicated there was a female guard named [REDACTED] who was also beating him and grabbed his head and beat it into the cell floor. | [REDACTED] stated that all the soldiers were aware of his [REDACTED] and he was taken to the hospital following the beating where he received an IV treatment for his facial wounds. [REDACTED] claimed the camp warden, who is a tall African American male, visited him at the hospital and told the doctors to immediately return him to the camp. [REDACTED] reported the aforementioned incident to two Red Cross representatives at Camp Delta […] [REDACTED] stated he did not do anything to cause the guards to enter his cell, and did everything they instructed him to do. [REDACTED] had what appeared to be a recent wound on the bridge of his nose (DOJFBI003209 or DOJFBI002308 or Responses, Part III, 166).