The Truth about Guantanamo

When America established the prison of Guantanamo there were two goals for this. The first goal was to break the will of the mujahideen. It exposed the mujahid to all sorts of physical and psychological pressures so that if he leaves that place, he leaves it wrecked. One of the interrogators at that place told me. He said, "Adel, if you get out of this place, I bet you will not live more than five years."

As if he read my destiny [al-lawh al-mafouz]. "Why?," I ask him, "why?" He says "Because we have tried on you all means of destruction that will be enough to kill you after you leave this place if you leave."

This was the first goal of opening this detention center, to break the will of the mujahid so that if you get out, and want to start again, you think twice because you may go again to Guantanamo. This was the first one. The second one was a message to all the Muslim world. To those who do not bow except to Allah. This is a message for them. "Beware, Muslims. If you stand against us, we the first and dominant power in this world, if you stand against us, your fate will be Guantanamo." That is why the photos showing oppression and torture were leaked by them before we did that. Why? As per our proverb: Beat the shackled to scare the free.

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