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Testimony to Witness to Guantanamo (Mosa Zi Zemmouri)

Forced Feeding and Other Forms of Abuse

Interviewer: And did he tell you how it was? How he suffered in the hunger strike? Did he tell you anything?

Mosa Zi Zemmouri: Yes, they put it [the feeding tube] in his nose, in his stomach; and then when they finished, maybe every three days, they put [it] in him like this [gestures to his nose] and they take [it] out with force. They want to show they are angry, because they don't want to eat, but they didn't want [to stop?]. Some people that talked to… maybe has some sickness, psychologic sickness or something, but it was not… I talked with him, I talked with him, I tried to understand why he do this… and […] I tried to tell him, "Evan, stop," [muffled]… One time he want to come next to me, and then they changed him and [muffled]… never saw him, but he never stopped. 

Interviewer: And do you know why he [the prisoner] was so angry?

Mosa Zi Zemmouri: Because the treatment. Can you understand someone when they beat you with your head on the wall? Can you understand this? Or someone take this chair, you close up, and they put on your head. Or someone, they put you and they beat you with this [gestures to elbow] on your neck. Or they stand on your knees when you are on the ground. Or they put you in the metal, and they leave you there for hours, and they put the air [conditioner], go higher and lower like this… And you have no right. You are only a number, and you have no right to meet, you have no right to lawyer, you have no right to call your family, you have no right to anything outside. You have no right to newspapers, nothing. What you think?

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Interviewer: Were you ever in isolation?

Mosa Zi Zemmouri: Yes.

Interviewer: Why?

Mosa Zi Zemmouri: I stood in Camp Echo for two weeks, and this camp is only like this room, like this, bigger than this one, you have cell in it, so that you are alone, you understand? So you don't have anyone, you don't see anyone, nothing. Only the soldiers when they came to give food [muffled]… that's all. Nobody. You should try it. And then, one day, they say, they take me to the airplane, they took some plastic on my hand. The same day they take me to the airplane, I see some interrogations were from the Belgian delegation, and they take me to the airplane, so…

Interviewer: Did you believe you were going home?

Mosa Zi Zemmouri: Not yet. Like some [muffled]… and I were inside my house and I close the door… If I don't close the door I don't believe I am free. But I still feel not free.

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