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Letter to his Attorney (David Remes), February 13, 2009

Adnan Latif ISN 156 – Early February

A summary of my miserable condition

To the lawyer David Remes and Marc and the other lawyers who are defending the prisoners.

I would like to thank you for your super efforts and your hard work and your labor to move the legal cases forward.

A person would not believe me or imagine for what I am going through on a daily basis with regards to torture, sickness and terrible conditions, it is beyond explanation and I am right in the middle of a medical psych clinic. It is a factual horror movie for a person who is living it and has seen it with his own eyes in this place.

I have lost some of my organs [stating indirectly] including hearing, vision and mental sense that is why I am unable to understand anything except for very little. There are injuries all over my body with severe pain in my head and stomach, while I faint regularly. They give me torturous psychological medications which have influenced on me [TN: maybe he means side effects] and made me behave strangely and I act like a crazy person or even worse.

While I am in this condition, the holy Quran gets desecrated right in front of me when one of the soldiers picks it up and then drops it on to the floor. They also irritate during the prayers and intentional annoyance. When I along with another prisoner talked to this soldier regarding the annoyance during the prayers, we asked for the officer, the soldier told us, with full mockery and raising his voice, what can this officer do? And he continued to laugh and mock. It seems that the order had come from the officer to perform this intentional mockery.

Suddenly and for no reason, this soldier started to spray pepper spray on me and the other prisoner. He sprayed on me twice and I had done nothing and on the other prisoner, he sprayed five times using large quantity of spray which resulted in the collapse of the other prisoner psychologically and mentally because of the assault on religion and prayers also because the soldier sprayed on him for no reason and five times. He tried to commit suicide and his condition is very dangerous, we do not know where he was taken and where he is now, whether he is alive or dead.

Concerning myself, I am living in a jungle and a wild nightmare. I do not receive medical or psychological attention, as I am not aware of what is going on around me because of the medications which are given to me and in particular the psychological medications which have caused me great complications and made my condition difficult and very strange. While I was in this bad condition in the hospital, the lawyer did not visit me in the hospital to get reassurance about my condition or to offer me some help. This was the least that he could have done while I was in this condition. However, I am not aware if the lawyer is unable to do [TN: beyond his means] even this simple thing, this humanitarian thing for a sick man, tortured like me. I don’t know how to express myself towards this lawyer.

I was advised by some doctors not to go and visit the lawyer while I am in this terrible and difficult condition because the lawyer might provide me with even more bad news which might result in total collapse of my condition and that is how they convinced me as well as the sickness I was in and the medications that I was receiving and I don’t even know what is going around me.

I convinced myself to express myself to inform you about my condition and severe sadness that you abandoned me while I was in this extreme miserable condition. I request you to do something to save me from these criminals and to visit me asap or to write letters to me and inform me if you received this letter or not and also to inform me about the legal updates and generally about everything else.

I am a human being like you, shouting and in pain.

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