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From the Traverse for Abd Al Rahim Abdul Rassak Janko

pp. 15-16:

About a month after our arrival at the Kandahar air base, things became much worse. Our chief interrogator was a woman who called herself [REDACTED] who worked with another interrogator who had [REDACTED] tattooed on his arm. The military police were from an [REDACTED] the soldiers said they had previously been deployed in Kosovo. We were transferred to a large hangar divided with wire into separate areas. Without warning, the interrogators began treating Abdul Rahim [i.e. Abd al Rahim Abdul Rassak Janko (ISN 489)] and me [VAKHIDOV SOBIT ABDUMUKIT VALIKHONOVICH (ISN 90)] very badly. The first day we spent together in the same area, and I saw Abdul Rahim  brought back from interrogation with red patches on his face and with his clothing ripped. Abdul Rahim was very intim[id]ated and told me that he had been shown an article in a magazine and that statements he made on Abu Dhabi television were being twisted into meaning he was a terrorist.

From that time, Abdul Rahim received very bad treatment. From my area, I saw and heard interrogations of Abdul Rahim using sleep deprivation, exercise like push-ups and sit-ups to the point of exhaustion, police dogs set on Abdul Rahim, and forcing him to stay in uncomfortable positions for long times, such as kneeling on gravel with his hands on his head for hours at a time. I suffered the same treatment. The mistreatment was not only painful but humiliating because it was in front of other prisoners. Although Abdul Rahim never resisted or used violence, when Abdul Rahim was taken to interrogation, a group of soldiers would jump on him, forcibly immobilize him, and rough him up. Abdul Rahim sometimes came back from interrogation with his clothing ripped. Abdul Rahim was treated worse than other prisoners, and the prisoners used their treatment of Abdul Rahim to try to make me confess to being a Russian spy. The interrogator with the [REDACTED] tattoo said words to the effect: See how we're treating your friend Abdul Rahim; we can do the same to you.

I could not hear what was said during Abul Rahim's interrogations, but he told me they wanted him to admit he was a terrorist involved in bombings. Abdul Rahim told me that he had told the interrogators everything they wanted him to say, just as he had done when the Taliban tortured him and then had him interviewed on videotape for Abu Dhabi television admitting he was an American spy. Abdul Rahim told me that he told the interrogators what they wanted to hear to make the torture stop.

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