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From a letter to his judges, December 17, 2007

From:- Majid Khan (Detainee ISN # 010020), U.S Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

To:- Judges:- Judith W. Rogers, Merrick B. Garland, Thomas R. Griffith, United States Court of Appeals for the DC of Columbia, 333 Constitution Ave, N.W Washington DC 20001

Date:- Dec-17-07

Dear Judges,

As you know already, I am a permanent resident of U.S.A, who used to pay $2400 dollars every month so his government will protect his Constitutional rights, also I have owned a house in Baltimore, Maryland. My brother, neices [sic] and nephews are American Citizens. [D]o you honestly beleive [sic] that I would Conspire a plot which would kill American innocent lives even possibly my American friends, teachers and family members. Even Government Sources will tell you that I've never been to Afghanistan nor ever met "OBL." Why would I ever want to harm U.S.A, who has never done any thing but do [?] good to me and to my family.

I remember studying check & [b]alance and Constitutional right in my high school times in States, now this is the first time I am having an opportunity to directly write to judicial branch to get justice for the crime has done against me and in name of "War on terror". I ask you to give me justice in name of "THE GOD", in name of what U.S.A once stood for, and in name of what Thomas Jefferson fought for. They made a big mistake by torturing me, they didn't have any option but to make me [s]ome thing which ain't to do coverup on the mistake they made. I ask you not to allow them to destroy any evidence and allow me to have a chance to prove that I am innocent.

But actually, I am writing this letter about the "motion [?] to rule act were torture". I ask you, for only five minutes while you are reading this, just think of me as human being. [D]on't think as if I am a terrorist. [D]on't buy the government propaganda, just think of me a guy who went to Baltimore [H]igh School and at age of 23 got married [,] left 2 month pregnant wife and all sudden I'm kidnapped by a group of people who are capable of doing any think [sic], even execute me.

I ask you again think of me as a human being… not a terrorist… and this human being is a practically an American… just for a few minutes, [REDACTED, ABOUT 20 LINES] please, pay attention to this! I ask you for the last time… please close your eyes and just imagine for a second these things are happening to a person… and that very person is happens to be your own son and or a nephew… would you still say this was not tortured?

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