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Allal Ab Jallil Abd Al Rahman Abd: Interview for the NCIS Investigation into the 2006 Suicides

On June 10, 2006, Guantánamo prisoner Allal Ab Jallil Abd al Rahman Abd (ISN 156) was interviewed as part of the investigation conducted by the Naval Criminal Investigation Service (or NCIS) into the death, earlier the same day, of three Guantánamo prisoners of Cell Block Alpha, Camp Delta, Guantánamo Bay Naval Base. Here is an extract of the official report of that interview. That report was part of the NCIS Investigation File, which was released by the Department of Defense in August 2008.

RA [or Reporting Agent] asked ISN-[156] did he have prior knowledge that the suicides were going to take place. ISN-156 denied having prior knowledge of the suicides. RA asked ISN-[156] why did he approach a guard and inquire about the number of detainee deaths. ISN-[156] stated he heard about it and more death was coming very soon. ISN-[156] stated forty brothers have made a commitment to die and you will see how strong our commitment is when you are doing our autopsies. RA asked ISN-156 which forty brothers have made this pact. ISN-1[56] stated you would see once we all die. ISN-[156] further stated you have stopped us from dying by force-feeding us, so we are trying new things.

RA asked ISN-[156] why did he want to harm himself. ISN-[156] related the United States Government has made promises to us but it has failed to keep its word. ISN-[156] stated your administration has abused the Koran, beaten us, and you have not allowed us to take baths. ISN-1[56] further related he has nothing to live for and he expects to be dead very soon. RA asked ISN-1[56] how does he and other detainees plan to commit suicide. ISN-1[56] stated he did not wish to answer any more questions.

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